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Combination Work

(Bridge + Removable Denture) Advanced Technology in Prosthetic Dentistry.

What is Combination Work ?

It Consists of 2 parts: (Fixed and Removable) Fixed/cemented bridge work combined with removable partial denture/prosthesis.
Combination work can be the proper choice of dental solution, if a patient does not have enough natural teeth for bridgework OR if the placing of dental implants are not possible.

The existing teeth are filed down and porcelain bridgework is prepared which is then cemented in place.

Combination Work

Because the fixed part is unmovable, it increases the stability of the removable denture part.

This stability is provided by the „connecting" attachment between the fixed part (bridgework) and the removable part (denture).

There are well-known type of connectors like the precision attachment.

Advantages: reduced likelihood of complications,simple design, low price

Disadvantages: the attachments are in most cases visible, diminished stability

Combination Work

Up to date the optimal result is provided by the MK1 fixture, which attaches the bridgework to the partial denture.

This means that between the fixed and removable part there is a special concealed lock which can only be opened with the help of a "key".

Thus the removable denture is aesthetically perfect, and its stability is approximate to that of the fixed restoration (crown/bridgework).

This denture is based on a strong metal plate, making it smaller in size and it is less obtrusive in the mouth. Because the existing teeth are connected in a bridge, they are kept in line. The advantages of this type of dental restoration is that the denture is based on a strong metal plate, it is smaller in size and is less obtrusive in the mouth and because the existing teeth are affixed in a bridge, they are kept in line. Consequently the biting pressure is distributed to all the teeth and is not only on the partial denture.




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