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Budapest - Capital of Hungary

Sometimes certain cities just don't live up to the high praise lauded on them. Hungary's capital, nicknamed the 'Paris of the East', had a lot to live up to.

Budapest - Pearl of the Danube

Designated as one of the top 100 most-liveable cities in the world, this pearl of the Danube certainly does not disappoint.

Hungary is a land of thermal springs

Hungary is a land of thermal springs, and Budapest remains the only capital city in the world that is rich in thermal waters with healing qualities. Budapest is also one of the few places where you can experience traditional Turkish baths dating back to 16th and 17th centuries.

Fishermen's Bastion

Breathtaking panoramas from the Fishermen's Bastion are gorgeous. Named after the medieval fish market and with walls protected by the guild of fishermen, this neo-Romanesque bastion has only ever had a decorative role. It is a popular place to look out over Pest.

13th Mátyás Church

Located beside the Fishermen's Bastion is the 13th Mátyás Church, one of Budapest's and Hungary's most important religious monuments. Numerous important historical events have taken place within its walls.

Buda Side

While you are on the Buda side make sure to spend a half-day at the famous Gellert spa. The ornate art deco interior is still as pristine as the day it was opened in the 13TH century. With indoor and outdoor pools, unisex and mixed thermal baths in a range of different temperatures, Gellert spa will relax those weary limbs and muscles just enough to enough to allow you to trek up Gellert Hill (just beside the spa) to see the great vista and the statue of St Gellert. According to legend this is where pagans pushed the missionary down the hill in a barrel into the Danube.

Pest Side

On the opposite side of the Danube lies the flatter livelier Pest - the country's political and business stronghold. Here you'll find the bulk of the restaurants, bars and cafés, as well as classy boutiques and grand 19th-century mansions. This is also the place of the tree-lined Andrássy Boulvard, the shops of Váci utca, the Parliament building, the basilica and city park.

Andrássy Boulvard

It is worth strolling along the strictly straight Andrássy Boulvard. Both sides of the boulvard are lined by eclectic 19th and 20th century mansions designed with artistic thoughtfulness, and it is also home to one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world.

Dohány Street

Stop by the synagogue in Dohány Street. It is the largest one still functioning in continental Europe.

St Stephens Bascilia

There are many other famous landmarks that can't be missed. St Stephens Bascilia, the largest church in Budapest, with its 96 metres high dome affords its view over virtually the entire city.


Next on the list should be a visit to the Parliament building. Remember to bring your passport to get your free tour. Outside, watch out for the national flag with a hole through it. It has a fascinating history to it.

Chain Bridge

Linking both Buda and Pest together are eight bridges, the most iconic perhaps is the Chain Bridge. Make sure to take a walk over this bridge at night to catch a full view of its illumination. This capital's first bridge did not escape the destruction of the Second World War. Rebuilt again in 1949 it makes for many great photo opportunities with fantastic vistas of Buda castle in the background.


After a hard day's trekking around the city, do as Budapester’s do and unwind over strong coffee and sweet cake in an old, cosy café. If you like the laid back coffee culture lifestyle, then Budapest is the place for you.


Boasting Euorpe's most active coffee house life in the middle of the 19th century, and at the beginning of the 20th century topping 500 coffee houses, Budapest is seeing a revival of its stature with many of its once renowned coffee houses regaining their former magnificence. Synonymous for excellence among locals for more than 150 years make sure to take a pit stop at Gerbeaud's, the most accessible and well known.