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Declan Herbert from Dublin Ireland

None of this would have been possible without Mary, I would have chickened out when it came to the crunch. i'm sooo happy now i didnt. My only job was to lie in the dentist chair, But Mary done all the work to get me there!! Cheers M.

Joe Nelly

David Smart from Ireland

Hi Mary, Just to let you know everything went off brilliantly in Budapest. We felt really well looked after. No pain, and Peter obviously knew what he was doing. I had a bridge in the end, so I don’t need to go back. We enjoyed the city and were lucky with the weather. It was mild and autumnal – leaves falling all over the place. On the Friday we went for a walk in the City Park in shirtsleeves. We also had a nice day up in Szentendre on the Duna. We were very impressed with the public transport in Budapest – I don’t think we waited more than 5 mins for a bus or train. Many thanks for all your help.

Paul from Dublin Ireland

Hi Mary – Paul from Irish Independent here. No problems with my work (in fact my Irish dentist has told me my crowns are excellent), but my wife has a problem or two. She has a wisdom tooth that needs extraction, and her dentist tells her she probably needs root canal work on one other tooth. Can you give me a price for the work whenever you get a chance please? How you are well, Many thanks.

Pat Fowler from Dublin Ireland

Hi Mary. Thanks for all your help and encouragement. I’m still getting used to my new ‘mouth’ but it’s a fantastic improvement.

Sharon from Ireland

Dear Mary, Just returned from Budapest and I am delighted with the end result. I was very nervous about going but it was well worth it. Thanks for your advice and help, I will recommend it to my friends and family.

Paula from Ireland

Hi Mary, We were very impressed with the service and for once some good news re teeth plus I even managed to buy some shoes!!

Wendy and Pat from Ireland

Hi Mary, Just back from a very successful trip to Budapest.. We were very happy about every aspect of the trip and delighted with the work done at the clinic. I had 8 crowns and Pat had 7 fillings, his teeth extensively cleaned and a new bridge with 4 teeth. All for a fraction of what it would have cost here as you know. I will go back in the future for work on my lower teeth which require crowns ect. The clinic is excellent! Thanks again.

Emma Cahil from Ireland

Hi Mary, Just wanted to thank you for all your help over the last few months – It was very much appreciated. Dental clinic exceeded my expectations. The staff were incredibly efficient and helpful. Was very impressed with the actual dental work too and managed to tour around Budapest including a weekend in Vienna before returning to Ireland. Just wanted to give you some feedback. Many thanks again Maeve

Anne from County Mayo Ireland

Hi Mary-I was nervous and very apprehensive about going abroad to get dental work done. When i got there i was impressed with the friendly and professional manner of the staff and dental team. I am very happy with the service and results and would recommend them to anyone. Money well spent, wish I had done it years ago, love my smile and the break and the beautiful city was an added bonus.

Jill from Ireland

Hi Mary- Very impressed with the way I was treated yesterday. Thank you

Frank from Dublin Ireland

Mary, Thanks for all your help in organising my trips to Budapest. Thanks to you and Kreativ Dent I can now smile again with confidence and am looking forward to seeing my dentists face when I go for my next check up! Thanks again. I know where I’ll be going in future.

David Thomas from Ireland

Hi Mary- Well that was a very positive experience. My second treatment was carried out by Naomi and I was very impressed; she is so thorough. Preparing my mouth for the bridgework a week last Monday was a long job and I don’t think I have previously sat for such a continuous period in a dentist’s chair, but the after was benign and an hour later I was sitting down to a concert in the Liszt (how do you spell that!?) Auditorium and afterward had a nice supper across the road. It is a very good clinic and I will recommend it to anyone who is looking for good dentistry. One of the factors that goes toward making it so attractive is the ease of getting there and the ridiculously cheap airfares we have now. This situation isn’t going to last though and I wonder that will be the impact of 3 and 4 times real increase in fuel costs. Time will tell!!

Gary S from Donegal Ireland

Hi Mary, Having spent a total of 24 days at Kreativ over 2 visits I think I’m qualified to say it was well worth it. Brilliant! That was my reaction on leaving the ‘chair’ one evening after having 4 extractions (2 of them surgical). I went back to the hotel with my pain-killers (which I never touched!) and went shopping the next day. As is obvious from my length of stay I’ve always hated the dentistry here in Ireland because I thought it always had to be painful traumatic experience but after been to Budapest, I would have no hesitation (and have been) recommending it to everybody who looks likes they need some work done. It’s now a year later and I can smile for the first time in years and I’d make a pretty good tour guide in Budapest.

Vicky from Ireland

Hi Mary, Finally back at home! I am really happy with the look of the bridge work done at Kreativ. Having had quite a traumatic history with many dentists means I’m not the most relaxed patient. I was very pleased with the care Victor took over my dental treatment and was impressed with attention. Yan gave to the look of the final crowns. Thank you for all your help.

Maria from Dublin Ireland

Good Morning Mary!! I came back last week from my second trip and I just wanted to thank you for everything. I am really pleased with the work done, I had a great time and you can’t imagine how happy I am. Thanks very much!!! Best Regards

Polly McGrail from Ireland

Hello, Mary- I wanted to share with you what happened last week when I went to my dentist here for a scale and polish: Not knowing anything about implants herself, but being interested, she asked if she could show my mouth to their resident Implantologist. In he came, examined my teeth, gums etc, and then said: Beautiful! He had another good look at the work, including the precision attachment, and then said: I have nothing but admiration for the people who did this work. How about that for an endorsement! Peter Magos did most of the work, alongside the technicians from the Lab. I hope you will let them and Attilla himself know how highly the work was praised. I myself always felt that I was using Kreativ because of their expertise, not just because it was less expensive than having it done at home. All good wishes

Tony H. from Cork Ireland

Dear Mary. We really had a good time in Budapest – no regrest!!. I went to go to the dentist yesterday for a check up and I told him what I had done in Budapest. He was very impressed by the work done by Dr. Magos.

Pearl from Ireland

Hi Mary-I’m not the only one who was happy with the dental treatment, the hotel etc. Lots of people I spoke to at the hotel were all satisfied.

best regards,


ps the standard of the dentistry is so high, it made me feel I don’t want to have to go to a dentist in the west again!

Kristian from Dublin Ireland

Hello Mary, I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how i got on in Budapest. Well, I’m quite impressed with the team at Kreativ and very much enjoyed the city. The folk are an honest and sincere people which really appeals to me as it’s not the Ireland of today. The city is beautiful and has far more to see that I expected or had time for, so I’ll look forward to my next trip for that too. To be fair I’m going yo try and learn some of the language too. As I expected I need more work than I hoped but it would not have been possible to have it done here as is the same with many folk who do not know of the options of going abroad. Having established at my first appointment that braces were my best option, and that this meant needing my wisdom teeth removed and staying a few days for observation, I feel this could have been done on this first visit. Preferring to have this done by Kreativ, rather than another practice here, this now means I need to make a second trip to complete Phase 1 of a three phase p

Brian from Dublin Ireland

Hello Mary, Just to let you know that all went well & I’m delighted with the work done, and I didn’t crack up hangin’ around for the 12 days- the weather wasn’t bad at all, I had expected it to be worse. Thank you for your help in organising my visit and can you please pass on my thanks to Peter and crew for doing a great job- my teeth look great, it’ll take a bit of getting used to having a full set of teeth again! Thanks again.